Human Values

Sometimes you come across something which leaves a lasting impression.

It could be a book or a film, as they can show in three dimension what life does not.

Among books  have not forgotten books like the Kite runner, Notes on a scandal and Atonement. They may not have been great works of literature but they explored the human condition in such a way that it left a mark on the reader.

Last night I saw a film called “The boy in the stripped pyjamas”.

A child’s eye view of the Holocaust,as the son of  a Nazi concentration camp commandant , who befriends a young Jewish prisoner. The film has a telling depiction of a bourgeoisie turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed on their door step.

This was an Anglo American production made in association with the BBC.

It showed in stark clarity,how hatred can turn human beings into loathsome creatures,when they see nothing but evil in  some of thier fellow humans,and how deep and destroying this emotion is.

The end was totally devastating.

I sometimes wonder if it is possible to bring change in some beliefs,and if the film maker/ writers try it ?

And do they succeed?

Have you seen a movie or read a book which has stayed with you,or has come back to your mind at times in its context?

So what is the most impressive book/film you have come across?


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