This and That!

I know that late summer is the silly season and there has been some silly stories,but then you have to forgive the hacks, they have to fill the pages,or keep the 24 hour bandwagon of rolling news..well rolling.

You have to accept that the news is factual, we may or may not agree about the way it is reported by some but the content has to have happened to be relayed.

If nothing else it shows how strange we are as humans,the things we do.As they say there is nothing as queer as folks!

I read yesterday in DT that unwashed underpants of Elvis Presley are to be auctioned and they are expected to fetch £10,000! The singer wore them in some concert or other and they have never been washed.

Call me cynical but is anybody’s dirty laundry worth preserving? No thanks.

Then there was the furore about the naked pictures of Prince Harry. Well what I want to know is; is it not dangerous to play a game with balls in the buff? Especially for men,ouch! A serious newspaper like the Telegraph had at least five blogs on their main page on the subject of Harry’s ball games. Various radio stations did phone ins, and every news bulletin carried this awful news.

This has been a sad summer, because we have had so many young lives lost, children swept by tide, lost while canoeing and a young girl murdered and her body remained in the house where she lived for ten days, despite police searches. That was the saddest occurrence of this summer I thought.

I have had a rather busy summer, being away for three weeks in July didn’t help,I had too catch up with everything on my return. The population of slugs and snails has multiplied due to the wet weather,and most of my plant leaves are like lace work. I will post my garden pictures in due course.

How about you? How has your summer been? How is your garden growing and what news has caught your eye/

If I was to choose one example of mad taste,it will have to be the dirty underpants being sold for £10,000.

What will yours be?





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