Has anyone been listening tot the superb series on radio 4 called ; Fry’s English Delight ?Stephen Fry explores all types of conversations and explains as to how important it is to us.

I should know, I love conversation and people. My other half on the other hand is a man of very few words. Sitting quite in front of the television or the computer for the whole evening is his routine. I on the other hand be talking, discussing arguing or debating,something. Anything when it comes to that!

In India where I grew up no one is ever alone at home. The trend still is that families live together,so there is always someone around to chat. People drop in at all hours, un-announced. It is considered quite friendly to just drop in if you are “passing this way”. And then no visit is flying, if it is meal time then they are invited to eat, otherwise some snacks and drinks at produced immediately, that is the norm. So conversation flows, not necessarily  a high brow discussion but may be just chit chat or gossip,but you talk.

It is said that the social media has killed the art of conversing. I disagree,I think we are here(I surely am) to “chat” to others. Not all of course will be like minded,we argue, which are sometimes heated,but it is conversation all the same.

I miss the human element of exchanging ideas, and that is why I am here,are you? So I would say that the electronic media has not killed off/is killing the art of conversation,but it has taken it to a different level perhaps?

Would you agree? Are we all not here because we want company?



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