Pleasures of life

Panorama is going to show a special programme made by Dame Joan Bakewell next week, it laments the fact that the elderly (it is not specified as to when you actually become elderly, I refuse to ever become one), are drinking too much!

Now I like Panorama” it has highlighted some very good issues and bad practices, and have respect for Joan Bakewell,but I think this is simply a non issue.

They say that more and more elderly are being admitted to the hospital with liver problems, compared to the young generation.

Err well, the elderly have a liver which has seen good days and may be is a bit vulnerable to excesses?

They also blame the low cost of alcohol, as it encourages”the elderly to drink at home”!

Allow me to expand on this.

I heard a lady speak on the radio, she said her mother was 85,suffered with severe osteo-arthritis, she lives on her own,and she liked her drink,as it eased her pain and she didn’t want to take any pain killers,because “they didn’t have the same effect as her glass of brandy”!

To me that sounds perfectly reasonable. But the spokeswoman  from some organisation for the “elderly” piped up to say, that she should stay in a residential home or join the groups they run,where “she can meet others and join in activities”. Probably that elderly lady didn’t want to “meet” others,to sing songs or play games, perhaps she prefered her own company,and if she prefers a glass or two of the right stuff to pain killers,then good luck to her. And she is self caring and independent.

I know my father would have hated enforced jollity,and so would I, once you get to the age of 80 and beyond,then we should give them the freedom to spend their days as they wish to,they have been there,done everything and now they should be free to spend the rest of their life as they wish to. In my opinion it is a fate worse than death to be carted to a place to be forcibly social,with people you have never met,and with whom you have nothing in common.

I rather be old and frail and alone to do my own thing than be patronised and told what I should do, and what should I eat and drink! I think Panorama and the charity are being a bit patronising and condescending.

What about you?


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