Eleven years ago….

Today is the 11th anniversary of that atrocious day we remember as 9/11, the day the world somehow changed. The day we found out that there are people who have no regard for the sanctity of human life, and can kill indiscriminately .

The world divided,as it has never done before, and a culture of blame and counter blame has led to further division.

A lot has happened since, the man who was said to be responsible for those killings is no more. Speculation is rife as to how he was killed. Does it matter? The world is rid of the one who has incited hatred and bloodshed.

Those innocent hundreds of people for whom an ordinary day turned out to be a nightmare. People of many nationalities and religions perished in that un provoked attack.

It has not stopped since,we have lost thousands of civilians and soldiers both in Iraq and Afghanistan.



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