Shameful Madness

There have been many occasions when I have felt ashamed to have a Muslim surname,  but the recent events take the biscuit!

It is not a laughing matter.

I felt like crying when I read in the Telegraph today that the film maker ;” has been conviction for pressing drugs and for bank fraud ,a declaration of bankruptcy, demands for unpaid bills and at least seven aliases’.

So he is someone who is on probation for criminal activity after serving 21 months for fraud. He has nothing to do with the American government .

But what a shame that simply on basis of rumours,thousands of ill informed people are running riot causing death and mayhem in so many countries.

It is not very long ago when countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia were fighting to break free from the shackles of dictatorships, and wanted to have freedom of speech. Aided and abated by America and the UK. They had our media bringing their plight to the world, and our intelligence and other services helping them. And oh how chuffed our leaders were, Hillary Clinton all smiles when she congratulated those countries for their “Spring” , and was already dreaming of a wonderful future,when the West and the Arab world will be walking into a future which is rosy and bright.


Some idiot makes an even idiotic film and

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