The summer that was…

Looking out this afternoon,the sun is shining ,but the shadows are longer, the wind cooler and the garden is begining to look like someone whose youth is rapidly fading.

I love the brisk and stimulating feel of the autumn,it has a certain briskness about it. I love the it but I can not help feeling a bit of sadness for the departing summer.

Thought I will share my garden with you.

These are my jewel colours!



Lily Star gazer, an amazing show.

These flowered all summer in tubs in my front garden, now I have brought them in the conservatory and they are flowering their hearts out! It is a good tip for saving

Lilies which were given to me by a blogger here.Thank you.

My old pot of Cannas and comes in the conservatory and flowers throughout the winter,and stays out in summer!

The same plant.

My fuchsia which has been in the front for some ten years.

A shadier part of my garden by the pond.

And my faithful Yucca outside which lends an exotic air!

So here is my summer garden 2012.

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