So near,yet so far

An article in the weekend section of the Telegraph says that we mistake intimacy for romance,and confuse it with love and treat it as a euphemism for sex!

According to a new book published,almost a billion people are seeking intimacy on social networks,as Hollywood dangles it tantalisingly in front of us!

It seems that, ” there is plenty of sex which is not intimate and plenty of intimacy that has nothing to do with sex”, says a new book by a psychologist .

So what is this intimacy the four billion of us are chasing?

It is defined as the “world -excluding moment of feeling uniquely understood”.

You sure feel it in my opinion during the first flush of romance,when you think you have met the “one” and vice versa.

I often wonder what happens to that adoring couple,some twenty years after married life and why their relationship turns into a lifeless routine,where they become just two people who share a house and children but nothing else.

Is it because humans are not meant to be monogamous?

The Hallmark cards version of intimacy,which is every where on valentine’s day is said to be a far cry form the real thing.And the difficulty  may be is to distinguish the counterfeit from the real thing.

I believe real intimacy is “reciprocal ,conspiratorial emotional and kind”!

I wonder if any of us have found it yet..?



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