How to behave?

Of course it is good to be true to your culture, let me make it clear that I am not against anyone, who follows his or her traditions, a religion or prays religiously. It is their prerogative. I will never make fun of anyone’s belief or culture.

We all are different.

But does being too immersed in your own culture do they become too self righteous and inward looking?

I ask because I know quite a few such people, they have lived in another country for years, and they know little of their host country.  They have stereotypical view of the people and they can not wait to get back to their place of origin and join their relatives In a chorus of condemning the west.

As I have said earlier we all are different.

I have no right to be irritated, I am under the “delusion” that I have integrated and have understood the natives. Where as am told one day I will find out that I am an alien and will be reminded in no uncertain terms.

Where as some close to me, can not wait to get back to their family ,reassuring them of their faith and loyalty to their culture, of sticking to their birth values ,whereas I am considered a lost soul or someone who has “sold out’.

But I have not ! Sold out to anyone or anybody,  I have just opened up and learnt from another culture, been open to people to listened to them, I am simply interested in people and learning about them .

Do I deserve to be called “coconut” Kafir and someone the Gods have given up on?

So what will be the ideal way/way of life for an immigrant?

Those of you who have adopted other countries how do you behave and what would you recommend?







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