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where I was ? OK may be not perhaps I assume too much that I will be missed,though there are a few of you who regularly rite to me and i have not replied to any of you,sorry I was not being rude I have had a bit of bother lately.

As i said earlier my husband is in India,visiting his family and his elderly mother,as he does every year. I offered to accompony him and his reply was that I have looked after him all this time now let others do some of it” .

Anyhow I got a phone call on last thursday, at 3AM. Always alarming. His niece telling me that he has been taken very ill and is in hospital.You can imagine my anxiety,I was unable to get any rational explanation/ diagnosis,as everyone was in a spin there. My experience of Indian hospitals and doctors,since I looked after my father, mother, father in law and and my maternal uncle. Also I flew back and looked after my sister when she had surgery. These all were the most expensive hospitals but the emphasis was on doing as many un necessary tests as possible. Giving random diagnosis and alarming relatives so they dare not question. And often the diagnosis is not correct.

Our son suggested I travel to Cambridge and stay with him rather be on my own,so I have just returned back. Meanwhile my husband has been diagnosed with Dengue fever,which is endemic in India. The fever has subsided but his blood count dropped as it happens in this fever. i was not sure of the blood there, as it is sold and often not as well tested, so my nephew has given him blood. My sister has been a rock,all old animosities  have been forgotten,and she is providing me with great emotional support. Our daughter and son in law are dealing with the doctors, as they being doctors themselves can discuss and understand and suggest. Surprisingly the doctor treating my husband has been very receptive to our daughters ideas.

He is slowly improving,may be I will have to fly out to escort him back,but at the moment he is surrounded by his “other family” and we all are keeping our fingers crossed.In view of his other health problems this is a set back and cause for worry but for the moment I have to trust the Indian medicine.

I thought I will tell you what happens in some  other countries, our NHS is worth its weight in gold, despite its faults the doctors here work in a very different and professional way.

I will keep you posted.


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