Public Inquiry

The other day when  friend was asking on the “Twitter’ about the disappearance of socks in washing machine, I remarked in jest that I demand a public inquiry!

That was a joke,but in reality we seem to have or demands to have an inquiry almost everyday. It costs millions of pounds, a lot of expensive judges are appointed who sit and ponder and the result is ,well often it states the obvious,and am not sure if the same errors are not made in the future. Memories are short ,lives are busy and we forget what an inquiry has told us.

Today the Telegraph’s front page reports of a similar inquiry. Another one to with the NHS. Hang on don’t turn away, futile though it is ,but wait till you hear how futile!

This inquiry concludes that though an all graduate nursing profession is not “simply desirable,but is essential”. At the same time it goes on to suggest that the hands on care is being provided by “un qualified staff,whose competency to care for the sick is questionable”.

So some of us have been saying this for years, From the late Claire Rainier to various patients group and academics have been saying it over and over again. So at the expense of millions of pounds the reports comes to the same conclusion. As I have said over and over again, nurses are very highly educated these days,but the “nursing” is done by the least competent .

So how will this will be achieved, educating nurses to a ‘very high’ standard and providing high quality care on the bedside when they are getting their “higher qualifications”?

Has a direction/ solution has been found by this inquiry?

Have all the the other inquiries we all have funded provided us with any solutions? The Leveson, the daivd Kelly inquiry and many other ,are we any wiser,or better equipped to cope with similar circumstances?

The answer is NO, inquiries seem a way of taking the heat off the issue,and a year and millions of pounds later ,simply providing us with a feeble ,obvious answer.

Can anyone quote an inquiry which has improved/solved the issue it has inquired into?

I would love to know.


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