We all want to be famous? Right?

Of course we all want a recognition of our talents , or what we think are our talents , and we are willing to go to any lengths to achieve that fame.

There was a time when the members of Parliament were considered special and accomplished beings. They were elected to represent us and were an example of decency and decorum and good manners.

And you would think it was fame enough for them to get to this high office.  Alas No!

Today’s MP wants more, much more.

If you are a male then you are not averse to pretend to be cat, don a cat suit and crawl on all fours, sipping milk, on the television.

I dare say that was the day my respect for this high office vanished. I have never been able to listen to,or look at that honourable gentleman without curling my toes.

I found that the most cringe making scene in the history of politics.


And if you are a female, then you either pose dressed as a model, make sure your air brushed photo is on the front page every other day or so, in your favorite newspaper. And if that fails then you try your hand at writing chic lit; or a column in the Sun! And then you resign in a huff, because despite all this hard effort you have failed to make the high office.

Seeing that such tactics are not working, others have decided to get a bit further, and go AOWL to the Australian rain forest to be dangled from a rope, under the watchful eye of the Duo Ant and Dec!

Twitter has also given our MPs and has been actors, a platform to be in our face all the time. Some boast of having two million followers! Even our PM is at it.

I read that one MP has just tweeted to tell the world how he insulted a woman on the train who was asking him persistent questions! He told her that she was too hairy! She had ugly facial hair.


Juvenile?  Of course it is; is this the kind of behavior we expect from our representatives and public figures?


Or everything goes, as long as you can be famous?





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