Counting our blessings!

My husband arrived hone the day before. Thinner but otherwise his usual self and is glad to be home.

He came home with a all his medical notes from the Indian hospital he was treated in, at least one good thing that they give you all the paper work to take away.

Looking through those notes has been an eye opener.

He has not looked through the breakdown of bills and was I think simply glad to pay and get out of there. They charge for every needle, every disposable glove and every time a doctor or a nurse looks at the patient.

Going through the notes and the reports I could see that the so called Dengue fever was not a confirmed diagnosis! He was admitted with a high temperature, all they needed was blood cultures and urine exams,instead he was given an MRI(totally ir relevant) ,EEG,ECG and a whole lot of tests. His fever came down the next day, perhaps it was a virus of a kind but they kept him there and alarmed everybody with tales of his platelets falling and him needing blood. The count never went below 33000, the crisis point to transfuse is below 20 000. Looking at the daily blood tests his count was going up on its own accord. But they wanted to give him three pints of blood anyway,but when my nephew donated his blood and my sister said she has three more donors lined up with the right group,they miraculously stopped at one pint! Though for transfusing from the donor they have charged some Rs 3,000!

A huge bill at the end, which we do not wish to claim from the insurance but t makes you realise how wonderful our NHS is!

India has progressed there are these wonderful hospitals which specialise in lynching people, I wonder how the 80% of Indians who live below the poverty line cope ? They probably just die of neglect.

Another interesting fact I learnt from a friend yesterday, her daughter and son in law have been living and working in India for a few years. Did you know if one spouse of a foriegn national is in full time work ,the other can not work at all there?

I wonder if British or any other government can apply the same rule without being accused of racism and more!

So I am counting my blessings , it is very easy to take things for granted, until you realise what the alternatives are.

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