Forgive and Forget?

Ed West recently asked in his blog on the daily Telegraph , that should George Monbiot not be forgiven for his heart felt ,grovelling apology?

Apologies are not that common, a lot of us are never able to accept that what we did or said was wrong and we should own up to it. It is hard to do, it hurts our pride and the vision we have of our own abilities and judgement. Then again none of us can be right all the time. As the say to err is human.

Saying sorry and not meaning it is as bad as not saying it, but at least it makes the other person feel a bit better, the alternative is to be wrong ,realise it and be bloody minded about it and carry on as if nothing has happened. This makes for on going feuds, arguments and conflicts.

We have such examples everywhere,including countries,where simmering resentments erupt from time to time in blood shed. Neighbours who are always watching to see what reason they can find to pick a fight,because they resent each other.

And in todays internet world these feuds are fought on the blogs/face book and twitter! I have seen some, perfectly decent,educated and sensible beings, being at each others throat for years. I amazes me. It is difficult for the rest of us who do not want to take sides, like all concerned and want to have dialogue with all of them.

So come on folks, what is this,why cant you you all say openly or may be in an email as to what it is which is making you cross and why do you some of you take every opportunity to snap at each other?

Surely it cant be anything very big? If the wrongly accused Lordship is asked to accept an apology  and clear the air,why cant we in our little blog community not be forthright and say what is making us angry,apologise if you are wrong and move on?

After all soon the season of goodwill will be upon us ,so let us make a start?

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