in our leaders!

I was wondering yesterday when was the last time when we were proud of something our Prime minister has said or done?

I tried to cast my mind back to the present PM, nope, nothing came to mind. His predecessor ? Oh No nothing ,apart from lies and showmanship,quickly turn the page.

Mrs Thatcher? May be,you have to go back to time of Churchill to find the national pride in their leader .

This came about because of my encounter with an Australian lade on Twitter. Now let me take a minute to those of you uninitiated to this medium. There are all kind of theories about it here, it is a fun media and can be used for entertainment as well as gaining knowledge! Of course it needs discretion,discipline and good manners like any other, and one doesnt have to be hooked to it either,I visit it whenever I can,and sometimes not for weeks.

By the way it will be quite good for those who reply to comments/conversations with a one or two line answer,(Charles take note,I think it is perfectly suited !!).

I tweeted to say that those who say that twitter is for time wasters ; realise that we have two accounts of our Prime Minister ,one as the PM’s office,and another as “David Cameron” .

An Australian lady replied to say that ‘yes and at least the others know what LOL means”,and went on to say that their PM was very twitter savvy.

She then went on say that they were very proud of their PM and the way she “disembowelled” the leader of the opposition on his sexist and ‘misogynist ‘ comments, and how that speech went viral.

The lady went on to say that they all,especially the women of that country were very proud of her for ding that, and they love to “show her off'” to the world as their esteemed leader.

Good for them.

So when was the last time we were that proud of our PM? Or is it the traditional stiff upper lip and understatement which stops us from boasting or has there not been anything worth crowing about?

Surely there must be something,isn’t there???


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