“From the Archives’.

newspapers regularly post columns from the past, the Telegraph today publishes from the archives  of November 25th 1962. When “weighty” questions like when is it time to die and what “goes on at a Tupperware party”.

It is very interesting to see how attitudes change and we behave differently. Then the “Bishop of Derby, Dr  Geoffrey Allen talked about ;”a new acute moral problem raised by advancing medical knowledge at the last hour of death”.

Of course it is the opposite now. We have  ways and means of prolonging life and we all are living much longer.

Similarly we all are not the same as we were then. Apart from the physical change our thinking has changed a great deal. We look back and wonder if we really were are the same person.

I sometime feel it is a very good thing to remember and take a stock of our thinking and principles.

So what was happening with you in November 1962? Are you very different in your thinking and have your principles changed?

I was a lot slimmer,naive and very ambitious,I wanted to be a friend of the world, but had no ability ! So no change there then! I had bad chicken pox and was in hospital and was very impressed by a Portuguese nurse, and wanted to be one!

So what were you up to?

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