Women and Freedom

I have been listening to Ayaan Harisi Ali, the famous activist for women  who spoke out against the oppression of women under Islam ,and has got a death threat or Fatwa for her troubles.

She is in London for a conference and was speaking on the BBC’s radio4 this morning.

It is well documented that the Arab spring has not brought the promised freedom to the women of Egypt or Libya, come to think of it the Arab spring turned out to be a disappointment for our western leaders too,who were aiding and abating the so called freedom fighters in their “noble cause’. It is well documented that some women were specially brought in to Tahrier Square  during the protest,for the benefit of the western cameras.

Ayaan also spoke of the “Sharia Law”, in those countries as well as in the UK. We are repeatedly told that the Sharia law is for domestic disputes only,that it is a religious law and doesn’t interfere with the UK law.

That may be but no one has specifically told as to what does this means for women? I remember that the previous Archbishop of Canterbury,Rowan Williams supported Sharia law, did he really understand what its effect is on women?

According to Ms Harisi , Sharia law does not allow a woman to make any decision on her own. It encourages and demand male “guardianship” ,or consent of a male relative (father,brother or husband), and if there is a marital dispute , children under the age of seven are given to the father,as a woman again is not deemed suitable to carry out this task with that male guardian.

Am wondering how does this law fits in a secular western country? How come this allowed to happen where as we are so keen on implying the equality law? Does the government ,or for that reason did Rowan Williams knew that women are not treated equally under this law,and if he did was he right to recomend t?

And are we so burdened with PC that we can not stop this discrimination.

I can not believe that this law is allowed here .

Here is the link.


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