Changing times

I saw a disturbing report last night on Channel 4 news, well I say it was disturbing;but the young lady said in conclusion that the “grown ups should accept that this is the way it is”!

Well the report said that these days children of 13-16 have a new pastime/craze whatever you call it, they all post naked pictures of themselves via their smart phones(and smart phones are a religion among this age group and younger).

The boys and girls it seems “demand” naked pictures before befriending them! A curriculum vitae of sorts, you are only befriended if you have the desired statistics,well I mean not only having a shapely body,but having the desired inches in the right place too! Both boys and girls.

Well I will say that I was shocked, I was brought up in the East,am old and I have very different values and ideas about these things.

The presenter Jon Snow was trying very hard not to seem like a dinosaur ,and insisting that this was the way these days “young people” interact, and the young boys and girls were insisting that there was nothing wrong with it, apart from, a young lady said :”when some boy really pesters you that can he see you naked”!

Well apart from the basics I can see a lot wrong with this. Children of 13 or so are just children ( it seems there are 11 year olds too who are in this game), being so aware of their bodies and having it displayed it for approval can create a lot of problems of identity,anorexia is on the rise anyway,and why should such young people have so much interest and put such value on being purely sexually attractive?

What happened to having other attributes? Being  good at games/music/ language or simply being a decent person was once considered high value.

Are we staring a trend where the only value we can give ourselves is how good our body is ,and the measurements of our sexual organs?

The report ended by young people assuring the audience that this was the norm and a harmless practice,get over it!

I am not re assured, Are you?

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