I have often wondered as to how some people become famous or gain notoriety, now I know,  it is the journalists and the media which can make them anything the want by the stroke of their pen/keyboard.

I have not written anything so far about the nurse who was involved in that Australian prank and tragically died.

I have been reading quite a bit about it though.

In yesterday’s Telegraph Ms Alison Pearson wrote a very powerfully tear jerking article on this lady. Am sure she was a caring ,honest and decent person.

Ms Pearson goes on to say” Thousands of the capital’s best nurses hail from India and the Philippines, where nursing is still akin to a religious vocation and cleanliness is next to godliness”

Errr  have you ever been to India? and experienced the nursing or do you know how the profession is regarded there?

Obviously not. The fact is that nursing has never been and is not regarded a respectable profession. For a long time only women from lower caste and status joined the profession. It has been an easier but not very respectable way of earning a living. Touching bodies and dealing with bodily fluids is not something the Indians want to do.

Being from an upper middle class family, I really struggled to get into nursing, my whole family disowned me.

And until their death my parents could not bring themselves to tell others that their daughter is a nurse.

And yes in my case it was a vocation, I did not need the money.

And unlike Ms Pearson, I have had the experience of Indian hospitals and nurses in hospitals in India. In the last ten years or so I have flown over to be with my mum, dad, father in law, uncle and my sister when she had a hysterectomy and they left a swab inside her.

The nurses will congregate by the station in the ward and chatter, if you approach them you got a dirty look and were told to wait. And these were the most expensive hospitals.

As for cleanliness, I had to urge them to wash their hands before the administered any intra venous drugs. In the end I started doing it myself.

So Ms Pearson trying to make a case based on your imagination is not really on is it?

This morning it was reported that a hospital in Manglore, her native town is going to dedicate a ward in her name.


And this is in a country where suicide is considered a sin, they are doing this because the magic of the media and the imagination of the journalists has suddenly made her something she was not. Has suicide become heroic now? Or is it just being on the band wagon?

Ah for the power of our media and how they can make or break reputations.








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