The Indians!

Recently when the statistics of people living in this country,and who were not born here were published,I was astonished to read that majority of them were Indiansand were born in India. It means they came here later and have managed to integrate very well.

So much so that we never hear anything in the news about the Indian community,but plenty of those Indians who have become very successful here.

OK I agree that they shouldn’t be  here in that or any numbers,as some would say ,but what surprised me was though we hear a lot of Pakistani youth and men,the Indians seem to be totally out of the news,and dare I say trouble.

The other night on Question Time ,Billmoria ,the Indian tycoon who owns “Cobra beer” declared that he was born in India, there is Tata who own Jaguar and Landrover is an Indian and so is the Kingfisher empire is owned by an Indian Maliya who also owned the Kingfisher airlines, Hilton and another chain of posh hotels is owned by Indians , of course the food business is legendary,and so it goes on,

What I want to question is how come Indians ,even the ones not born here ,have got on with living /working here without being in the news or being isolated for any kind of criticism or trouble?

And why are the Pakistanis living in this country are known for ghettos, being corrupt,bombers, and for going to Pakistan to train with the Taliban and becoming suicide bombers in Afghanistan and other trouble spots?

I also heard the Chief of the Indian secret service say that to the day,NO Indian has ever gone to fight with or train with the jihadists or any militia ever from that country.

So what is the difference? I can only think that India is secular, there are all religions and people respect each others Gods, Is it because Pakistan was established purely on the basis of religion and hence this intolerance?

It is such a shame though,I hope someone from Pakistan might give us some answers?


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