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Merry Christmas

I wanted to post a nice picture and a greeting like I do every year but this year my Christmas and my life has been upside down.

As you might remember my husband was ill during his visit to India, and was treated in a hospital there.

He has not been well since he got back in the middle of November. His bone pain increased,and he was prescribed a lot of pain killers, it turned out that he is allergic to opiates and high potency pain killers. So he had a bad reaction and was admitted to hospital in end of November.

Then they transferred him to the Hospice so he could have his pain killers titrated as the doctors there are expert in controlling pain..

He was there until the 17th of December,and came home, only to get weak and confused,as the new drugs were depleting him of Sodium, I looked after him at home for a week,night and day,hardly getting any sleep,and then they admitted him into hospital again,to adjust his sodium balance.

So since october I have worried, rushing around and travelling in between hospitals.

This morning it was eerie to wake up to an empty house on a Christmas morning, and it feels miserable to constantly visit hospitals, am a very upbeat person but there have been times when I admit to being really down.

I have not been able to go shopping or looking at the shops or lights, it has not felt like Christmas to me, I have not sent many cards. not asked for any presents ,just done a bit of shopping for the kids on the internet.

My neighbours have been fantastic, I had three invitations for Christmas lunch today, and did have lunch with one neighbour and their family,three generations of them. And it was great.

Our children and their spouse will be coming tomorrow,I have no turkey,I didn’t  do any shopping, am finding out how hard it is to be a carer!

And I have neglected all of you my friends too, So here is wishing you all much happiness and joy for the coming year,and I do find it comforting to come and talk to you all.

I might feel miserable for now, but hey there is always the next year.

SO I better get out of my misery and raise a glass to you all and Merry Christmas.xx


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