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Our own Oscars

well it is that time of the year when excellence is recognised and rewarded. We get millions spent on red carpets and ball gowns, jewels and heels and hours of televison footage. We get Oscars and then our own Baftas.

I think efforts need to be rewarded, acknowledged and appreciated in whatever way possible, we all have been here for some five years now, many a times the demise of MT has been predicted, people have left and some excellent newcomers have joined us.

We have made friends, learnt from each other, sought and got solace and sometimes advice in times of difficulty,at least I have.

So the Telegraph takes no notice of us! We are like unruly children who have been shoved in a room to play among ourselves , and we have done ourselves proud.

We have solved our own problems, supported each other and entertained and informed ourselves, and anyone who has visited these pages.

So let us give ourselves a pat on our backs, as no one else will!

So here are my nominations for different categories,please feel free to add your own in the categories.

Current Affairs and debates.

Charles (Cutely).



Plum Tart.

Debates and pertinent questions.





Jamie McNab



Story telling and thought provoking.


Bleda, and Atilla.

Tony D




Jamie McNab


Best Foreign Correspondents to inform us.

Mark Ulysses



Tony D

Most informed and helpful in matters of internet.


She has helped most of us, looked up things, posted links and guided a lot of us,so I would like to propose a special award in the appreciation.

The rest is up to you! Please post your own nominations, vote for them and let us see who gets the votes!

Let us do something fun for a change!

Humour and Fun 

Cheech, Plum Tart.

The poet of MT ; Special award..  Marya.

Serious and informative bloggers. 

Peter Barnet


Please add your own favourite people.

 Here are the latest nominations.






And I nominate Elle/Amuhd .





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