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Just to let you know that my husband passed away last night ,very peacefully and pain free.


His condition declined in the last ten days or so, and then he o Saturday he developed a nasty chest infection, despite the antibiotics he developed quite a nasty sounding chest. I have been spending all day with him and came home late in the evening as usual. .

Yesterday I did the same ,  and received a  phone call from the Hospice to say that he just closed his eyes and his breathing stopped at 3 am on tuesday morning.. He was comfortable and pain free, we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

My next door neighbours came and stayed with me at 4 in the morning. I rang my children and daughter,son in law and children set off from Utrecht at once,  arrived at Bristol at 9.30 and our son left Cambridge immediately only to find that there was no train to the west country till 9Am.

Am overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers , neighbours, friends and people I have rarely met.

This is a wonderful world. So many people carry such compassion and care in their hearts.

A blogger from here has offered to come over to be with me, she has constantly texted me, prayed for me  and has given me support, love and blessings.

Thank you.

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