Ten years on..

it is the tenth anniversary of the Iraq war today.

I have heard about the second world war from my parents,I personally had no idea,as to what a war zone is or what happens when a country is invaded.

The first time I witnessed this was during the first Gulf war, early morning while sipping my tea I will watch the footage of flashing lights and huge bangs as the invasion happened. The Scud missiles, and the description of horrific injuries was dreadful. Some reporters were graphic and described the scenes of destructions in graphic details .

Though it still sounded unreal,and something which happened far away and to others. And then came the Iraq invasion and the controversy, the lies and the denials. What brought the horror to reality was when the Commandos from our town were sent to the war zone. I knew some of the mothers and the wives and it was hard to imagine their anguish. And then fourteen young people from that regiment were killed in action.

I could not look those women in the eye, how do you justify a war thousands of miles away,happening in your name though you have not consented for it?

Listening this morning to Patrick Mercer,who was an army officer before he became an MP. He made two points which made me think, firstly he said that before the invasion when they visited Iraq, the weapons inspectors told them that they needed time ,as they have not been able to find any evidence of WMDs. He also said that someone from the army once slipped him a note to say that the army were given the precise time and date of the invasion, six months before the talk of the invasion began! So the hiding or the search of the WMDs was not an issue anyway.

Someone also said that the only beneficiary was the share holding of Dick Cheney!

I know this topic has been done many times,but I just wanted to say that we should spare a thought for those families, both here and Iraq who have lost loved ones,the civilians, the army personnels and others, I can now really appreciate the pain of losing someone, for those people though there is nothing to console them, to them the deaths of their loved ones must seem so pointless and unnecessary.

And it goes on, this morning there was an explosion to add to this misery.

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