Here is Daphne ,and below is my Camellia, this morning, sorry about the dates on the camera!

I have been out and about in the garden, despite the bitter cold a lot of plants have started to grow. In face of adversity and all that! It does make you feel better.

I have been trying to come to grips with other things,probates and stuff like that. The lawyers say it will cost a lot of money,(2% of the estate) ,and it will take nearly a year!

Our daughter has been looking at everything and has decided to do it herself. She is a highly organised person, besides her sister in law is a solicitor who is willing to help and advise her.

It seems there is a probate line which helps a great deal. His monies and assets in India we have decided to give it to his family there,I have more than enough to live on, my children are highly successful and earn very good wages so there is not much need for us to gather monies from everywhere. Besides he cared for his family  in India,a great deal,and it feels the right thing to do in his memory.

Then there is the question of the cars!

His is a Mercedes A ,class,which he bought last year, it has only done 4,000 miles. Mine is a Nissan Micra, a sporty ,convertible. It is about 7 years old though it has done only 16,000 miles.  His car has automatic transmission,something am not used to,though I have driven it a couple of times and have found it easy.

The garages are offering a reasonable prices for the cars, with the condition that I sell them right now, the children say I should keep the one I feel happier driving! Am not able to make up my mind yet. Of course am familiar with my little run about, but the other car has a lot of things going for it too.

What will you do??

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