The News

Recently someone wrote about their experience of not listening/reading watching the news for a fortnight ,and how much it contributed to their well being.

What seems like a long time ago now the news was a once or twice a day,somber event, either on the television or the radio,when the nation gathered around the medium of a television or the radio to learn what has happened around the world or in our country.

Now there is news every half an hour on the radio,there are hundreds news channels and of course the social media sites like Twitter and Face book, where every second someone is “breaking news”.

This brings me to the new breed of news generators, the “citizen journalists”. Who can forget the Arab spring, the uprising in Egypt and LIbya when ordinary citizens were updating their twitter feed every few seconds, faster and more accurate perhaps than the most advance news media.

This begs the question as to do we want to constantly eavesdrop on the world and participate in every mishap, however removed and far away from us? Do we have the emotional capacity /compassion to take on the worlds troubles,and wring our hands in despair,are we in anyway able to do anything lesson their troubles?

The answer will have to be a resounding NO. So why are we so hooked on finding out the minute by minute status of the world affairs?

It has been said that the actual crime in this country is not as widespread as the ‘fear of the crime, because due to the efficient reporting, which is because we have hundreds of rolling news channels both on radio and the t.v. they have to fill the hours to justify their existence so the look for,and find anything and everything to report.

And this has given rise to the so called “experts” who are hauled to the studios to give their opinions,and depending on their moods they can either trivilise it or fill us with doom and gloom.

Then we have blog sites and bloggers like me who trawl the news world to give you the latest! Filling us with more doom and gloom.Every newspaper/ blogsite/commentator can put their own opinion in the public domain,does this help?

So what do you think do we need to have the knowledge of the happenings round the globe constantly or do you think you might sleep easy if you were not reminded every few minutes what the world was doing?

They say there are far more cases of anxiety and depression in this century,as we learn of,and feel helpless in the face of this dangerous world we are living in. Our fore fathers slept easy as thye were not constantly told of the worlds mishaps,and did not feel helpless to change or do anything in the face of such catastrophes.

So do you think we should have a bit less of this bombardment of the news and would that give us a bit more tranquility and an ability to not feel so vulnerable?


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