Human Contact

This morning I heard an interesting phrase on the radio'” people look at their mobile phone screens ,rather than at others when in public,hence we are more and more detached from our fellow human beings”.

Quite alarming really, especially in the view of the three young women found in America, their neighbourhood were completely un aware of their presence amongst them. The odd behaviour , the boarded up windows, nothing rang bells.

I have always admired the western attitude of minding ones own business. You can live your life the way you want to without anyone criticising,interfering or telling you anything otherwise. In the east where I grew up, everyone knows everyone else’s business. Curtain twitch, and your every move is discussed and judgements passed. That is another extreme.

Sometimes we hear of cases where someone who lived alone ,has died and no one knew for months,and in one case even years.

This is not true universally though. I have received such support, friendship and help from my neighbours and acquaintances that it has lessoned the impact of my loss. Everyday one neighbour or other knocks on my door , either inviting me for a drink or a chat or they just come in and share one with me. I am so very lucky.

But obviously it is not the case everywhere.

If you travel to London, there indeed every one gazes into some screen or other, and may be communicates with their cyber friends.

So are we really losing touch with the human kind? Would we rather talk to some unseen friend on the social media than the people around us? It is alarming and perhaps as the man on the radio said does make us insensitive to our fellow human beings?

Is that the reason that we are smetimes insensitive,cruel and rude to each other on the web pages,as we have forgotten what “real” people are like,with feelings, and emotions.

Am sure it is not true to the extent as the media makes it out to be,certainly my experiences have been very different ,both on the blog sites as well as the real life,but there has to be some truth in the fact that we are more and more alienated with our neighbours and others,or else how would cases like the one of those girls can happen and no one has noticed?

I wonder what your experience is?


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