Digital Footprints

We all have them!

There has recently been a lot of debate about our digital memories, what happens to our digital data, like our blogs, the bits about us in the Google archive and the face book and twitter accounts?

There have been a few high profile cases, especially a couple of teenagers who have sadly committed suicide,their parents have been trying to get access to their face book page and their email accounts without success. In such cases face book turns your page to what they call a “memorial page” where their friends can post “tributes” for ever. And to the great distress of the parents of the deceased,they can not have access to it,if they were not among their “friends” before .

What happens though I wondered, when someone is falsely accused of some misdemeanour ? People are these days and the news is found on google and other websites,even if they are cleared of the crime, the archive is not removed.

What will happen to our archives? None of the newspapers/blog sites or word press are wiling to remove them, so you remain alive and “active” even when you are dead.

I have had problems trying to get the email account of my late husband deleted. Though we have always been with AOL, and I have notified them and changed the billing details, I find that his email account is still active. Though I do not have access to it,but if I send an email to his address it is not returned,so obviously it is.

It is said that once you are on Google ,you are never allowed to leave! A journalist talked about repeated attempts of trying to delete his account and failing, and returning to it after some years later to find thousands of junk mail, and as he said it has taken an entity of its own! There were new people writing and his account was being used for various purposes, like for the campaign during the presidential election in the US.

So do you like the idea of living for ever in blogsphere? Or like me you would like everything about you to cease when you do? And has anyone ever deleted a google account successfully?



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