What can I say….

About the latest grooming /abuse scandal? All that has to be said has been, and blame and counter blame goes on.

Am in the un happy situation that I “belong” to the religion /culture which is being blamed for this abuse.

It goes without saying that such evil doers are found in every culture and country, not long ago there was outrage about the cases in India, from the rape and murder of a five year old girl to the rape and murder of two western tourists who were visiting India.

Of course we have our own celebrities and recently the vile step father who murdered after he sexually assaulted her and then photographed her corpse, how deranged can you get.

Though I do want to say that it really surprises me that not enough condemnation is forth coming form the Muslim community, their leaders and their fellow countrymen/women.

Not long ago there was the case of the Rochdale gang who similarly raped and abused young vulnerable girls.

I know the Asian community is very cohesive, especially the Muslim and Pakistanis, as Indian immigrants here seem to be from various religions as India is a scular country. But Pakistanis are a very united lot,I know as there is a big community of doctors who socialise and support each other.

So why nothing has been done since the last scandal? It was in the hands of that community to be vigilant after the Rochdale case, keep an eye on their young men and report them or at least punish/ stop them from doing such things,I find it  hard to believe that such a cohesive community doesn’t have the power to stop this atrocity.

I know how much power the Muslim community has, some years ago I used to write a blog on an Asian website called Asians in Media, I used to write against forced marriages /honour killings and the unequal treatment of boys and girls ,by their parents. The amount of hate mail I got was amazing, the editor set up another account simply to divert it! He though has gone on to become a columnist in a national newspaper .

Anne Cryer MP is often called a racist ,but she was the one who supported the campaign against forced marriages and saved a lot of young Asian women from a life of misery.

So my question is why it is that everyone who has a Muslim name is not feeling violated and angry by these heinous acts committed by some in their name? WHy are the communities not up in arms and trying to fight against this evil? Why is everyone wringing their hands and muttering rather than solidarity and a determination by the Muslims to stop this evil?

We know they have the power to do it,as we often see it as we did in the case of Sulman Rushdie’s book and how the fatwa was followed by every Muslim,so how about a fatwa against such evil doers? Surely they are doing more harm to the name of Islam than that book ever could?



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