For Balance..

As I wrote a blog the other day, saying that I was astonished as to why the Pakistani community has not been vigilant and kept an eye on their young ,I read something else yesterday, according to which there are as many failings in other systems too.

Though I stand by what I said that a close community like the Pakistanis living in this country could have seen the goings on and why they have not tried to censor them.

Yesterdays Sunday Times had a full page article by Harriet Sergeant,entitled “Couldn’t Care Less“, in which she says that ‘five of the girls abused by the Oxford gang lived in the Oxfordshire Children’s Home”.

Ms Sergeant has written the article after she was approached by a senior social worker, turned whistle blower, and the Home she was visiting is an area frequented by drug dealers and pimps.

Considering that this Home is for vulnerable girls,whose clever idea was it to situate it at such an area? According to a previous employ, as soon the as the home was opened “pimps had started to gather”. They called out to the girls, lavishing them with gifts and flattery and them luring them into prostitution. far from being in a place of safety, the girls were “organised targets”. As the girls are deprived of attention and love and home life, that is why they are in that place.

The staff were too afraid to do anything , they simply watched;”the cars queue up and the girls run to the men”.

According to the source ,no one wanted to restrain them,as these girls know the major players among the drug dealers.

I was astonished to read this.Despite all the money spent on building and staffing these homes ,they have turned out to be a place of danger ,rather than a place of safety?

I found the article quite disturbing, if the so called care system is failing them so badly , what hope is there for such vulnerable children? Society,the police and the social care are all as guilty in pushing these girls into the arms of those despicable abusers.

Wonder if any change will happen now?


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