Chelsea, 100 years on.

I got back last night from Cambridge,having spent a glorious weekend in London and Cambridge.

When I got to Cambridge on Friday teatime, it was pouring with rain, we wondered if the next day will be better?

And it was, Saturday dawned with warm sunshine and my daughter in law and I set off around ten on the fast train from Cambridge to London. We were invited for a quick lunch by her parents before the show,as they live not very far from the show ground in chelsea. Fortified by a delicious lunch and some fine wine , we set off on foot and arrived on the show ground within ten minutes.

it was the first day throughout the week that the sun was shining,they have had half a dry day before but not one with glorious sunshine, we were very lucky.

The first exhibit was the Australian garden, using nature’s own usable systems, with water and bird song it was a delight.

There were some other beauties too, like the Tolkien garden, gnarled and old trees with eerie blue eyes, looking at you!

And the beautiful garden where a huge painted sculpture replicated the surrounding flowers and their colours,it was a triumph of imagination.


A hand painted flower in the colours of the surrounding garden.

And a garden made of simple Box blocks.

A Gold winner, the entry by Thailand in the Grand pavilion, huge and eye catching and made totally with fragrant flowers, the smell was over powering.

There were other new trends too, a remote controlled lawn mower caught my eye, I soon backed away, it retailed at more than a thousand pounds! i dont dislike mowing that much.

Before 5PM there is a count down on the loudspeakers, of ten seconds and then a bell rings and the grand sale starts! Wiser Chelsea goers came armed with trolleys on whens and huge bags on wheels, everything was £5! From the huge Fuchsia baskets to the exotic plants, some were dug out from the display and some were in pots, they were soon snapped up, walking to the nearest tube station Solon square, you could see a sea of people, with massive Delphiniums , Acers and other greenery above them, but it was all very civilised and friendly, people will move to accommodate another’s  plants and straighten a leaf or too if it was being crushed.

Gardeners are the most kind and civilised people!

I came away from there with optimism and hope, having joined the RHS,now I can buy half price Chelsea tickets in January! I have promised myself that I have missed the 100 years of this wonderful show, am going to make sure my remaining years are not deprived of it anymore.

Happy Gardening.



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