Mediterranean and Alpine …

says the review in the gardening magazine of the RHS.

I say this because am off there next Thursday.

A friend who is a member of the RHS has found this and asked me to be her guest at Ticino in Switzerland.

Here is a link

It is the Italian border of Switzerland, the park boasts the worlds largest collection of Camellias, magnolias, and azaleas. They claim that it is possible to go round the world without leaving the Canton. Plants from Asian origin nestle among those from Africa and Siberia!

The  island nestles in the blue waters of Lake Maggoire and that is where these botanical gardens are.May be a bit like   Tresco in cornwall.

You take a boat trip to the gardens,and while you enjoy the warmth of beauty of the lakes , with tropical plants,the mountain peaks are still covered with snow!

The island of  TICINO is where the summer starts for Switzerland. Hence the late blooming of the spring flowers.

I have never been to Switzerland before,as my husband was not that interested in nature or gardening,it would not have been fair to drag him there.

This friend of mine is has travelled the world with her spouse,and as he is no longer alive she wants to now travel the gardens of the world! I am a willing companion,and this is our first venture. We hope to see Japan in springtime.

I will bring photos and tell you all about it on my return!


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