Do you approve of it?

The recent episodes of whistle blowing by Snowdon and then the suppression of it by the care quality commission have been in the news and we all have our own ideas and thoughts on it.

Of course the country/organisation are on the back foot, hopping mad and trying to get revenge ,well at least America is,they have now officially applied for the extradition of the hapless Mr Snowdon, what chance a mere individual has, to take on a mighty country like the America and remain free,and I have watched the poor woman who tried to bring the cover up by the care quality commission to public scrutiny.

Despite Jeremy Hunt and others promising us that the whistle blowers will be protected. And despite the fact that America is considered the land of the free,and says to give every citizen freedom and personal space.

Is that possible though? Is there truly a land of  the free anywhere? Each nation has to have secrets to protect itself, if everything was open and honest then their enemies will know what they are up to and this will put them in disadvantage.

As far as the so called whistle blowing goes no one likes their weaknesses exposed to the world?

Let us take this site, there is a constant argument about who reports comments etc; though the moderators keep saying that they would like objectionable comments/contents reported.

But none of us like it when it is done. At the same time we want this site to be a decent and respectable venue for us to have discussions on.

So why should a country/commission not protect its reputation by gagging whistle blowers?

Is there a big difference?

If so what is it?


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