I did say that!

When I wrote a blog on the subject of grooming    ”   http://my.telegraph.co.uk/sabinaa/

and said that the pakistani community must have been aware of the abuse and did nothing to report it,one blogger said that I was trying to blame one community and it was beneath me.

Well this morning the BBC’s Asian network s doing a phone in from Cowley Road Oxford,and more than one Pakistani men have stood up and said that this was “well known in the community” and no one tried to censor.


Though there are some in the audience who are saying that it is wrong to mention Pakistanis or the Asian culture.

I must say that it gives me hope even if one person puts his hands up and says that this should have been reported and curbed from the start.

It goes without saying that the police and the social services turned a blind eye for whatever reason and are to be blamed too, this does not excuse the fact that a group of people who claim to be cohesive and close knit , can turn a blind eye on such hideous  crimes.

One so called Councillor said that the “parents and the elders” are ‘simple innocent people” who have no idea what their children do.

To some extent yes,but this went on for EIGHT years and no one did anything, and as I have said before women in some of these communities are confined to the kitchen, they can not speak the language, have made no effort to learn it , and have not been encouraged to do it, as it suited the men and the elders. As a result their upbringing of those children has been flawed. As they knew nothing of the country they are living in, these men grew up with a false sense of superiority, as male children are treated differently,sisters and mothers run around looking after them,and they are told that because they belong to a certain religion and culture ,which is better than the indigenous culture,of which the parents knew nothing.

So please let us speak openly, clearly and put the blame where it is, accepting that there is a problem is the way to correcting it, so unless the Pakistani/Asians living in this country acknowledge it and become pro  active not a lot will be achieved.

A misguided sense of victimhood and a fear of being branded racist on the part of the authorities has brought us to this situation.

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