Men looking good…

or otherwise!

Rod Stewarts has complained that men these days do not dress up, they look scruffy and un kept. A blog on the main site also makes the same point. But it is written by a man, allow me to present a woman’s point of view.

Well you men are constantly talking about our looks, anatomy and other things all the time!

I too have noticed that the you do not see smartly dressed men any more ,in your day to day outings. They are mostly in shorts and sandals,as soon as there is a whisper of summer, their shirts are no longer ironed,and hardly any one wears neckties these days.

The other week when I was returning from my holiday and waiting for the train at Reading, it was the Royal Ascot day. Crowds of men in morning suits,accompanied by beautifully attired women in fanciful hats was a delightful sight.

Am not advocating that everyone should turn up in top hats and morning suits every day,but at least a smart shirt and trousers will look good.

Even the news reporters look scruffy these days. It was a delight yesterday to see John McEnroe and Tim Henman so beautifully turned out,commenting on Wimbledon.

Hospital doctors look scruffy, dirty white coats and shirts and unkempt hair, it doesn’t inspire confidence. Rod Stewart also bemoans that men turn up in anoraks, to theatre and concerts.

Come on there has to be somewhere, our men can make an attempt to dress up.

I have seen some very cutting remarks by men, if women look scruffy or dress inappropriately, why do they not make an effort?

I know, you are probably mumbling that you are not bothered ,it is rugged and manly! Not really, I for one love to look at a well turned out man, and am sure many others of my gender do too.

So how about it then Gentlemen? What stops you from looking clean and smart?

Do tell.



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