The phone trap

Well I used to think it is us women and the girls who are glued to their mobile phones a lot, being the sociable species,the home makers and the ones who keep the social life alive in a marriage, they have to be on blower so to speak.

`In my experience,my husband will always have the shortest of conversations on the telephone,even with our children,strictly on “need to know basis’, no gossip no discussions of current affairs or anything else,short and to the point was his moto.

So I assumed that it is us women who fill the coffers of the various phone companies.

Alas my belief was shattered last week.

I was on the train,on my way to the north west to visit my daughter. A long journey of some three and half hours. I settled myself with my book and the crossword ,as the train left our station. It was a “quite” carriage and all was quite, but not for long.

A phone rang.

The man whose phone it was ,was quite a long way ahead of me,so I could not see him as to what he looked like, but he had a very booming voice.

“HELLO, he went. Am on the train”.

And then a few shouts of “you are breaking up” ,and I cant hear you. It sounded like a comedy sketch. Undeterred he went on.

” Oh her? Nah she is too high maintenance, I don’t want to go out with her”.

“Oh I will give her a try,does she speak English?”  And then he proceeded to boast of his other conquests, one of which involved a Polish office cleaner.

Then it was about the black guy who had a “funny nose” and how he was dating the high maintenance woman.

He proceeded to talk about two other women,who were ” married” but were “having it off with” naming the name and the occupation of the men concerned.

And all this was so loud that though we could not see him but every word was crystal clear.

A couple of young girls in the seat behind me started to giggle, a ripple of laughter spread through most of the carriage. The man was unaware and un deterred ,and carried on his conversation in the same loud voice.

This went on for 45 minutes, until the next station, when he finally said good bye to the person on the other end.

The girls behind me started to clap and soon the whole carriage burst into a thunderous applause!

I think at this point it dawned on him that he has had a very big audience!

He just went oh, before he got off the train.

Am not sure if that was his stop or if he was really embarrassed.

Talk about being uncouth!

So there you have it folks, the mobile phone has made a slave of all of us!


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