Babies as prizes?

Recently our Prime minister talked a great deal about controlling/blocking the undesirable contents of the internet, very laudable am sure.

At the time I muttered that it will be good if the sites which incite violence, religious communal hatred should also be censored. I have also written many times to the regulating bodies (OFCOM) regarding certain t.v. programmes and contents on the t.v. and have had the stock reply that they are foreign channels and they can not control what is received via satellite.

Now I hear that there is a channel which is giving away abandoned babies are prize



On one hand some might think it is a good thing to do,to place the abandoned babies to prospective parents, but on a game show? Without knowing the intention or the background of those who are recieving these “prizes”?

Is human life this cheap?

I know that in Europe ,adoption is a very lengthy and protracted procedure,which can take years,I was a referee for a childless couple who adopted from Pakistan, and though they did adopt from Pakistan, ( they found a new born at the doorstep of an orphanage),but they had to go through the whole lot of checks and procedures before they could bring the child home.

At the time I thought the whole thing was tedious, now I feel that those procedures show respect for human life, however small and even if it is abandoned.

Am shocked,disturbed and pained that these children are being given away as prizes for people who enter whatever the competition was.

I accept that it is a good thing that abandoned babies are found a home ,but in such a degrading way?

And should such programmes be screened or allowed to be shown here? Is there nothing we can do , is our PM has no say in such things?

Because if porn is “degrading” to women,I feel this show is degrading to the humanity.

Do you agree with me?


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