Women and social media

First of all I do not believe in the argument that one gender is better than the other, I actually like men, so this blog is not about that but am beginning to feel that at times women are treated with aggression at least on the social media.

Let me explain.

The lady who campaigned for a women to be on the bank note,is a young and attractive lady. Her campaigned has forced the bank of England to have Jane Austin on the five pound note next,rather than Churchill again. The new governor of the bank of England appeared with her on the news and showed us the picture of Jane Austin they intend to use. A victory of sorts for women you might say.

This was on Friday.

Over the weekend the poor woman has been bombarded with most obscene twitter messages, referring to her anatomy and what can be done to what part of her body, she has had threats of rape and assault,and when she complained to twitter , they just blocked her account!

As she said this morning on the radio,it was “akin to,if you ring 999 and the police slams the door in your face”.

This is not the first time though, Professor Mary Beard of Cambridge university has had a similar “twitter” treatment , she too was threatened with rape,assault and various part of her body were chosen for certain treatment.

She is a highly intellectual and respected lady,she carried on being on twitter and doing her media work.good on her.

Some times you see men being verbally confrontational much more aggressively towards women ,than with their own sex,is it because they know the other man will be twice as aggressive,whereas perhaps a woman will never use very abusive language nor will she threaten any kind of physical violence.

It seems like cowardice to me. If you pick on those who can not match your strength then you are a coward,there is no other word for it.

Time and again social media,like Face book, twitter and blogsites show these tendencies. Men can be chauvinists, boast and congregate to hammer their point home ,and simply drown out a woman’s voice,simply because women don’t hunt in packs,it has been said.

Do you think it is true? Surely something like this can not happen on a site like this, this is a middle class,middle aged mature site is it not? Sure it is.

People are now campaigning to have a report button on twitter, we have had one for sometime. I wonder if that is the right thing?

What do you think?


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