This and That…

I thought I will tell you what am upto these days, apart from being enraged and writing blogs about things which have got up my nose!

The garden is still lovely, the roses are finished, the ones I managed to prune in time are budding again, lilies are late this year and are now try to dazzle,only to be shaken and battered by the lashing rain and the very strong winds over the weekend.

Last Saturday was the first day after weeks of sunshine,that I woke to a dull and drizzly morning. I have gotten so used to waking up to the rising sun( my bedroom faces east so I sometime could see the rosy glow before the sunrise . That it was a shock to suddenly see overcast skies and gusting wind.

I suddenly realised that the summer was moving on, soon I will not have the luxury of the simple pleasures which have sustained me so far.

Rising to glow of a rising sun and then having my breakfast on the patio, with my radio for company. Then being in the garden or going for a walk , and at the end of the day sitting on the patio by the pond, listening to the birds in the surrounding trees, as they called to each other before flying home,and me sitting their with a glass of something,my radio and my thoughts, and watching the dusk fall and the stars appear one by one.

This,I said to myself will come to an end soon as the winter sets in!

I have booked myself some motorway lessons!

You see I never drove on the motorway. My husband loved driving and always had very big and luxurious cars,and of course he wouldn’t dream of me driving them anyway! And then I am a timid person anyway. So have been promising myself motorway lessons for ages and never got round to it, my husband would never have sat with me for a drive on the motorway,he always maintained that he neither had the patience nor the courage!

I kept putting off booking these lessons,but after this grey morning I thought I need to get out from the world of the flowers and step into the concrete of real life!

When I rang the driving school and the instructor rang bad,I was hoping he will say he cant fit me in for a while. Oh no, he sounded quite enthusiastic and said he will take me on the motorway on the 3rd of August at about 12PM.

I glanced at the calendar and nearly died ,it is THIS saturday, a day before my birthday. So it can be a start of a new me?

Or not!

I have got quite used to driving his car now,though it is an automatic,and oh how I dithered and fretted before using it, I was terrified that I will do something wrong but now I love driving it and probably will never drive another manual car again.

SO here I am folks, ready to take this plunge, it is a big deal for me.

I bet none of you don’t even think twice before zooming on to the motorway.

Wish me luck.


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