what is it?

The Daily Telegraph did an editorial in the Saturday’s paper on kindness.

In the aftermath of the twitter abuse, and as it says ,’the web did not create the troll mentality,it gave it a planetary reach” , indeed.

The callousness with which the women were attacked,there is no other word for it but”a form of narcissism provoked by technological isolation?.

It is true as the article claims that many city dwellers seem disconnected ,except to their electronic gadgets and this creates a lack of empathy.

But as it is said, for centuries people concentrated on books, some will stayed indoors devouring the written book, forsaking social contact, the results could have been good or bad,depending on the type of books they were addicted to.

So it is not just lack of empathy due to over indulgence in the electronic media,but says the article a lack of “kindness”.

Not the sort which makes us stroke kittens!

It is the sort which starts of by making our life more polite.

People these days feel as if they do not have time for the “niceties” in life or to think of their personal conduct. I feel that the very nature of our communications these days, we respond instantaneously, there is no time to think or consider our reaction to any given situation.A bit of a pause,might be of use, but the days of letter writing are gone and now our responses are required immediately.

It is the feeling that we are right, and sometimes when someone else is being stupid and adamant ,as it often happens, either in the real world or on the internet,we tell them that they are “stupid and wrong”!

Kindness was the subject chosen by the American author george Saunders,for the address to the graduates of a university in New York

“what I regret most in my life are the failures of kindness’ he said.

As the Telegraph says;’ the search for kindness should be a central part of human existence”. To ancient Greek philosophers, what you did mattered far more than what you knew.

I have recently been on the receiving end of enormous acts of kindness and generosity of spirit. Some from people I hardly knew. Someone like me who has adopted this country ,and came from another culture,it was overwhelming that I was treated with such kindness. Once I read somewhere that favours can not be returned, they should be forwarded, so I will try my level best to forward the kindness I have received.

As Mr Saunders says;” As a goal in life you can do worse than try to be kinder”.



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