The grass on the other side…

I have read a very funny and interesting article in the Sunday Times yesterday.

Rosie Kinchen says that the myth that the french women are everything that we are not! “She is slimmer,refined and can tie a silk scarf around her neck without looking as if she has garrotted herself”!

It seems we have such a crush on the french females that there is a huge industry to tell us that the french women know it better!

They can eat puddings without looking like one,how to wear leather and how to juggle multiple lovers with the “sang-froid of a serial killer”!!!

It seems (and this might be distressing to those among us who believe in it,mostly our male bloggers,I almost said “members” phew!) , it seems the french ladies do not always wear fine silk lingerie (Americans spend five times more on lingerie than the French),it seems they too have the grannie pants,the best selling line in our local M&S.

We have been labouring under the impression that they over there know how to live! The eat rich food,drink lashings of wine,have siesta in the afternoon and are not averse to an extra marital affair or two,and we envy them for the fun and frolics.

It seems all is not as it seems!

A recent book by a French professor called “the French paradox” says that it has the same”index of human development as Denmark or Belgium, it comes far lower on the happiness scale”.

A recent WIN -gallop poll (not sure what WIN stands for), found their expectations for the next 12 months were lower than those in Iraq or Afghanistan.

They use more mood altering drugs than any country in Europe and have the highest rate of suicide.

Hmmm,so though I feel a bit better and will not feel that guilty when I have that glass of something it made me wonder if there is anywhere we can call perfect?

Is this not a case of the grass on the other side always seems greener?

Perhaps if we realise that we will feel a lot better for what we have?

You will tell me am sure!


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