New Horizons?

With all this commotion about our security or lack of it,what I really found interesting or rather alarming was something the programme Horizon presented this week(Monday,9pm BBC2.)

It was a programme full of physics  and computer programming and the hackers.

Not any old hackers mind you.

It was based on worlds most famous code breakers who work for most of the governments.

A year or so ago,you may remember ,Iran protested that the computers controlling their nuclear facilities were hacked into ,or rather got a “bug” into it.

These two men have been commissioned to investigate it.

They found this was the sort of “bug” which can only be manufactured by very sophisticated, powers. It was programmed that it could get into the reactors and then can make them fire/or disable them, in other words it could make those facilities almost start a nuclear attack, the “bug” was multi faceted,it could get into ANY system,water, military or the defence or aviation ,and can  render them useless or make them work to order!

In other words it can render a nation paralysed.

So though it wasn’t said,but probably it was produced by one or two powerful nations , who would like to alarm/stop Iran .

Fair enough.

What was alarming is, that code, as it became public has been copied, is now out there,in who knows whose hands!

Now that is something to be afraid of, and may be that is why the governments are trying to scrutinise everything?

Oh and they also talked about a new way used by hackers of getting your card number/passwords.

This poor man has had his whole id stolen,

Someone rang Amazon, after getting his details from the internet pretending to be him,saying he has forgotten his password,can he give him the last four digits of his credit card. Amazon duly obliged.

The hacker then could get into his account and then using the last four digits his computer and mobile ,and completely locked him out!

I found the whole thing to be like science fiction, but it seems it is the reality.

So how do you feel?

The genie as they say is out of the bottle.


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