Another Summer..

Is slipping away.

And it has been a glorious one too,we forgot our troubles,sadness(I did), and enjoyed the sunshine and the colour it brought, everything looked good even if it was mediocre, and we forgot our troubles and sorrows and revelled in nature.

Though the world was turning in its usual cycle of conflict, atrocities and bloodshed. Screens were full of victims of chemical weapons, those who wanted to attack and those who were against it,in the end the common sense prevailed,in my opinion.

It is the media which can be so influential as to what we support, or believe. The repeated showing of the victims was very distressing,every bulletin had a footage of the same, I just wondered if we were to see the footage of the victims of the drone attacks ,in such detail and with such regularity,would we feel as outraged?

I just wondered.

call me a coward,but I had decided in the last few weeks that I will not watch or listen to much news. I switched on to R3 in the mornings,instead of my daily ration of the Today programme. Am an avid listener of that programme,so much so that both R4 and the today programme follw me on the twitter!

I did spend a very peaceful and delightful fortnight. my children and their families came to visit and we spent some lovely days in the garden and being out and about.

I know all of you switched on and clever people like to follow the events minute by minute, I too listen to news many times throughout the day,but I have realised that I can not make any difference either way!

In any case a short break from the world of media and news was brilliant.

I feel everyone should try it. Or you might think am totally hopeless and irresponsible to have done so?

If so do tell me!

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