I thought  am a reasonably tolerant person, normally I am. May be because I was brought up to be humble and I think as I lack self confident,to some extent,I tend to walk away,rather than confront people. I hate stand up rows,may be because i find them quite un settling. Especially if it is with a family member or close friend.

Our marriage had its stormy period for the first 15 years or so. Once the children were of the age when it upset them if we had a row,we stopped. I think that was a mistake.We` did express our disagreement on any given decision,and adjusted accordingly,but no shouting matches!

My husband was the tolerant one,perhaps too tolerant.He didn’t say much, but mostly kept his feelings to himself. Perhaps he just put up with me and took his tolerance to another level. I rarely,if ever saw him irritated. I will never know now.

I do see my children now argue with each other at times, and it doesn’t upset me,as I feel that it is best to air your differences.

I am though finding it that I now get irritated with quite a few things, could be am older and more assertive(!) , or are there more things around,or rather we know a lot about a lot of things ,so we are more irritated?

here are the things which irritate me these days,tell me yours too please.

Women who go on about women being “exploited” by the cosmetic industry. I read a book by someone called Caitlin Morran ,called the beauty myth or something to that effect. She goes on about how we have been enslaved by the fashion and beauty industry.


Such so called feminists insult women in the guise of being their protectors. It implies that women are sheep like,they have no capacity to think for themselves,they just blindly follow what is told . Take the cosmetic industry for an instance. yes there are wonderful advertisements. But I only buy,what and when I want to buy.I have never ever feared that i will be classed as ugly if I didn’t buy them. I love make up, but I decide how and when and what I will use. No cosmetic company forces me to, I have my own tried and tested brands and I love them.So please stop calling us victims of anything.

I find the minute by minute updating of trivia on rolling t.v. news. Radio is fine you only hear the hourly bulletin but that is fine. Nothing changes but they dig out these so called experts(not) and they sit and pontificate and spout rubbish, simply because they are being paid by the hour and they have to fill the time. It is like the American t.v.

I find it irritating the so called friends fall out with each other,and ring around to tell you how awful their friend is! Please you conducted your friendship privately,now do keep your animosity private too, it is really irritating to hear who did what and when and suddenly become enemies.Do grow up.

When grown men behave like spoilt school children on public sites, writing rubbish just because they have to write something.Please you are capable of better,do spare us your constant presence,we rather see something interesting occasionally , rather than mundane rubbish twice a day.

Phew ,I think am turning into a grumpy old woman.

So what irritates you then??


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