Thinking Aloud

These days time seems to merge from day to night without me noticing it much. But then suddenly a day dawns and the date shakes you out of your stupor. Today would have been our 43rd wedding anniversary. Ours was a very quite and simple wedding ceremony,as far as the Asian weddings go. We got married in the registrary office in Nortbiton in Surrey. I took a day off from my nursing training, and two of my class mates,an Irish couple were the witnesses. And then we went to a resturant for lunch.

Someone said we make the most momentous decisions at times in moments and without thinking, some turn out to be all right and some do not, but at the time we just decide on something and it turns out to be fine,and others as they say,the best laid plans ..

Marriage perhaps is a gamble,I got lucky, not because either of us tried very hard,but life and circumstances were kind to us. Am sure what you have to face in life has a big part to play. If one has to think of all those what one faces in life is contemplated before getting together, no one will ever commit to a relationship.

Life is strange and unpredictable. My husband was never for sentimentality, he never acknowledged our anniversary,we did nothing on the day or even mention it, but last year he gave me a present and a card which alluded to a thank you, that turned out to be his first and last acknowledgement of our union.

Though the best and most wonderful gifts I have from him are my brilliant children.And how lucky I am to have such great relationships with them.They are honest ,hard working and successful. And we are equals as well as parent and child, having mutual respect and affection, and how lucky am I in their choices of spouses,I have gained another son and a daughter and how lucky i am that we get on so well.

So life has given me a lot to be thankful for, even though at the time I got married i was naive ,young and had no expectations.

I have learnt everything on the job, cooking, gardening and raising children, it seems it all has turned out all right!

So i will quietly celebrate today!

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