Human nature?

Everyday we hear about criminals,crimes,wars and cases of deception, todays efficient technical media has one sole purpose,to get any news , however gory to us,as soon as they can.

Of course we want to know. It does create a sense that we are living in a jungle,where humanity is lost, everyone is out to get us and we are not safe anywhere.

It may be true to some extent,but we forget that the media only report what will make us sit up and take notice, which will make our heart beat a bit faster.

They are not going to tell us the good that goes on out in the world.The people who selflessly do kind things, show kindness and move on, yes there are hundreds,if not thousands of people out there.

And we all have met them , seen them and heard about them but we tend to forget. We hear more about killings, deceptions,conmen and those who beat up old ladies.

So have you met someone in the last years or so? Am sure you have seen/heard of someone who has shown consideration.kindness or even has gone ut of their  way to help you out.

I will start by myself.

1. I know of a lady who has given her kidney to someone she only knew from work,and he was not even from the same race/country as she is.It has changed his life. She is a remarkable lady.

2. My neighbours who have supported me throughout the recent hard times in my life and continue to do so.

3. The stranger I met on the underground last time I was there,who when,our train was suddenly diverted and we have to change two trains to get to where we were going,insisted on carrying my case and took me to the platform and made sure I was on the right train.

4. In general the news of the homeless man who returned a packet containing £20.000 which he found on the road.

Am sure you have heard of or have come across an act of kindness /good manners and consideration.

Even if we can recall one such incident it goes a long way towards restoring our faith in human nature, which is eroded every day by the awful news we hear every day.

As they say man was created by God in his own mage then surely we all have the same qualities in all of us?


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