Well there has been rather a lot of it about in the media.

Mumsnet, the modern mothers union,a throughly respectable website,has got its fifteen minutes of fame by this;

Even the Telegraph reported it, a question asked by a user ,and the site went viral, there have been so many hits and views of this discussion that the CEO was mutteirng that the site can not cope with the traffic.

Channel 4 the wonderfully quirky channel got on the game by starting a new show called “The Sex Box”.

Presented by the delectable Mariella Frostrup and of course a psychologist, a sex therapist and so on. In this show there is a big wooden box on the screen, random couple are sent into that box to have sex. Yes you heard me right! They come out afterwards and explain to the panel,and the nation as to how was it for them!

Ms Frostrup told us in breathlessly excited tones that”soon after the act when they are still breathless and flushed,they can give us the detailed account of their act”.

May be,but do we want to hear it and how many variations can be there on the theme? Is it not errr the same thing whoever does it?

The same night another new series by C4 ,started . it is on the life of the sex therapist Masters, and suitably called “Masters of Sex”. In it there are detailed scenes,rather too graphic,on what happens to the female body during sex. How the first sex toy was invented and tested and the various experiments,when women and men were persuaded in the name of the science to perform the act in laboratory conditions,while the so called doctors leered through the one way screen.

Am no Mary Whitehouse,I believe in all kinds of freedom,but are such programmes necessary ,from 9PM onwards? Do we need educating, is the internet not full of such information ,for anyone wanting to learn?

I feel this is cheap gimmicks on the part of Channel 4, I wonder what you feel?

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