Winter Haven

Thought I might take your minds off the changes and the irritation it is causing and try and share my conservatory with you. I lug all the plants out in the summer, they love having the rain on them and the sun beating down,not through the glass , but on their stems!

Then come end of September I bring them in. And this becomes my haven for the winter. The sun comes in and the plants carry on with their life cycle. I also get twice the pleasure and value for money with my summer plants!

Like this Geranium.

Or this Canna.


Rosie if you are looking in,this is the tropical Hibiscus I was telling you about. It was dormant in the summer ,will now flower for the rest of the winter.

Or my Banana plant, the seed came from the Eden Project,and it has thrived through the summer, though am not expecting any bananas yet!

Or my Aloe vera , and Clivias, which will burst into colour in january time.

Or my Olive, Lemon and Gardenia, both of which will provide me with fragrant blossoms throughout the winter.

And of course my Bird of paradise which will flower from November to March.

So there you have it,I feel very enriched,that these plants thrive for me,with very little effort, that I can be cheerful and peaceful in the middle of winter. These are my addiction and my solace. I don’t think I can survive the winter without them.

So what do you do to keep you going in the winter,and what can you not live with it?

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