A Day with the creative crowd!

Yesterday was the meeting of the creative writing group in Tewkesbury , I was invited and a few insisted that I come along.

I didn’t need much persuading, I have been to one ,some two years ago and have enjoyed it so I was looking forward to it.

As promised, Fizz arrived at my house soon after 9Am ,or so. As usual fizzing with laughter,goodwill and friendship. We decided to have coffee  in the conservatory, well am nothing if not a show off ,when it comes to my plants and garden.

We settled down with our coffees ,and Fizz was in full flow admiring my Hibiscus!

Then I suddenly noticed her expression change,her eyes darted from end to another,and she stopped mid sentence.

“there is a mouse”, she squeaked.

I guiltily looked,as a tiny creature, darted across and went underneath the wicker settee.

i tried to stand up and look for it, omitting to tell Fizz that this was ‘my friend’,the field mouse.It arrives every evening and sits in front of me in the lounge,when I have my supper of cheese,crackers and fresh fruit.There is always a crumb for him and sometimes he stands on his hind legs and begs,and then devours the cheese.

I pretended to try and hunt for it, I had visions of Fiz thinking that am a batty old woman who lives among plants and furry creatures.

Though the mouse refused to come out,but throughout her stay,Fizz kept looking and muttering that it was trying to get into the lounge,trying to climb on the now closed patio doors.

We set off soon, leaving the mouse to hibernate in the conservatory.

We were meeting Bleda/ Atiller at the Cribs causeway near Bristol and he was very kindly driving us to the venues in Gloucester. It was sunny but a bit breezy when we got to Bristol and waited outside the M&S food hall,drooling over the superb Christmas display   of food.

And then” Lost for words ” joined us.Last time he had very kindly given me a lift,so it was a delight to see him again,it turned out that he too was being picked up by the kind Belda,though we were not sure if it will be Bleda or Atiller ,you never can tell between twins!

And then a vintage BMW pulled up by the kerb and hooted,our transport has arrived.

The car was truly ‘they don’t make them like that any more”! Elegant, gleaming and in pristine condition,the inside smelt of leather and the smooth seats were soft.. And as it turned out it was Bleda, funny,sharp and kindly and very wise.

So we set off.

The pub was in a delightful location,a proper country place. i have no idea how Fizz has this special vision , she can choose places/venues on her computer and they are just the job.her computer must have magical powers.

Our was a large table for 14 of us, tucked away in a quite corner as requested and we settled down. The first to arrive were Mr and Mrs Cappucin. A delightful couple if I ever met one. Him a gentle giant,quite,unassuming with a twinkle in his eyes. Mrs was equally charming,but bubbly,friendly and a gaze which mesmerised you as she fixed it on you while speaking.. i have no idea why I thought they lived in France,but they do so in the north of England and had driven from there yesterday and were staying the night.

And he is a published children’s author,he generously gave me one of his hard back book,duly siged,so am looking forward to reading about the world of the “Nogopogos” to my grand children.

And then a trim and tall figure approached us, wearing  a hideous mask, of long white hair, flowing beard and huge eyebrows,it made Fizz jump, but I said,”Gazoopi?”

Ah ,he had to take the mask off, it was him,having flown here the day before and then driving down after visiting his parents and grand children.

Charming though he is, he looked exactly as I have imagined him to be, he is quite athletic ,funny and friendly.

Billy Foster was the next arrival, what is this with men,they look better as they age! Billy has acquired some white hair since I saw him last and they suit him.

Gisele came ,with her friendly smile and lovely banter, I have  met her before ,though she looks slimmer and better too.Tsk!

I have not met pavolova queen before,she had flown in from Amsterdam, a delightfully funny,outgoing and friendly person,generous with it, she insisted that the women should not sit with empty wine glasses, as ’empty glasses make them angry” and she proceeded to get us fresh glasses full of wine. Thanks pavolova Queen,I enjoyed that.

Then there were other arrivals , AntB, the veteran of the group,i have met him the first year I joined the MT at Cheltenham literature festival,he charmed me then and if anything he is more charming,sensitive and talented now than when I met him.

Lost for words” is gentle and friendly, last time we met he had just moved from London to Cornwall,and was a bit bewildered with the change, now he has settled down,made lots of friends and is enjoying his life there, Good luck and hope your friendships go from strength to strength. He is so understated and quite that you wouldn’t know he writes so well.

Bleda, told us some very funny stories, Fizz looked after us like a mother hen,and we all laughed a lot and chatted about this and that and I feel I have made some new friends. Oh how lovely it can be when you meet people who are fun,friendly and creative.

An absolute treat, I enjoyed myself greatly after many many months,I think]

So thank you to all of you. Mwwwwah!


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