Stand and Stare..

Was it Longfellow who said ‘no time to stand and stare..”? It is true that we go through life,or buzz through it without ever having the time or the intention to take stock,or stand and stare as they say.

in today’s busy life there is no time to do this, what we have is spent trawling various sites on the internet.Who wants to take stock of ones life ,or thinks of one’s direction?

Well I have been doing that a lot lately. you would say I have the reason to do it,my life has dramatically changed,and it is only natural that I stop and think of the road I have travelled and the one which lies ahead, and try and make some  sense of it.

It is hard;  we tend to,or our mind conveniently forgets the painful things,and only remembers the good things,to spare us the pain,which is a blessing.

We all start off with dreams and ambitions,have a mental image of how we want our life to be. As a teenager I read a lot of Mill and Boon type of books. Well those were the only english books popular in India and available cheaply ,as i got through a lot of them in a month.

So I had a rosy and romantic vision of the future. I always imagined that one day I will be whisked away by a tall dark and handsome man, who will wine and dine me,and show his love to me all the time and tell me the things I want to hear!

Well I was whisked away all right, and he was tall,dark and handsome! But as for wine and dine and telling me I was special ,that never happened! Once we were married,life took its own course,we had our careers, mortgage and then the kids,so we had no time to stare into each others eyes!

So is it true that our lives never turn out to be as we envisage them? Or is it just our silly notions and when the reality hits, we all quickly grow uP?

So how many of you can say that your life has turned out the way you have imagined it to be,or has it surpassed your imagination ,or is it nothing like what you wanted it to be?

Do tell!


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